Myths About Casino Games

Myths and Facts About Punto Banco

Like many other casino games , Punto Banco is also the subject of myth. However, don’t let these myths guide you too much. They can easily influence your perception and choices in the game.

Myths remain traditions that sometimes contain some truth, but which are often overstated. Here you can read more about 5 myths about Punto Banco that you should not believe in too much.

Myth: Counting cards in Punto Banco is arguably the most important myth of the game. It is believed that in Punto Banco, as in blackjack, you can easily count cards and thus positively influence the game. This is assumed because Punto Banco and blackjack have some similarities in appearance.

Fact: Counting cards at Punto Banco is simply not possible. This is because played cards no longer (immediately) return to the pile, so that the entire strategy of counting cards at Punto Banco can go straight to the trash. This also ensures that counting cards is not an option.