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Punto Banco Explanation

How are the payouts?

  • Punto wins:

    Your bet is doubled when you win. For example, you bet € 100 and get paid out € 200. The odds of Banco winning is 44.62% and the house edge is 1.24%.

  • Banco wins:

    Again your bet is doubled and then 5% tax is deducted from your winnings. For example, if you bet $ 100 you will get paid $ 100 (your bet) and $ 95 ($ 100 profit minus 5%), paid out in total $ 195. Despite this tax, the house advantage at Banco is only 1.06% and therefore smaller than at Punto. This is because the rules make it more likely that Banco will win.

  • Tie

    If you bet on a tie, you win 8 times your bet. This seems nice, but viewed from the probability calculation this is an unfavorable bet. You have a 1 in 10 chance of a draw but you only get paid 8 times. This makes the house edge a whopping 14.36%! In casino terms, this is very high. Of course you can bet on Egalité if you like to take some risk, but it cannot be used in combination with a strategy and you reduce your own chances of winning.

  • Sidebets:

    In addition to these three bets, there are often sidebets at various land-based and online casinos such as betting on two identical cards and the exact number of points that Punto or Banco achieve during a game round. Payouts are correspondingly risk and usually the house edge is very high.

Wagering limits

If you are going to play with real money, you must take into account the betting limits that are used. These are different per casino and often also per gaming table.

The minimum and maximum bets are clearly marked at the gaming table. Are you going to play against the software? Then the minimum bet is usually $0.10 at a regular table and with a high bet Punto Banco variant, the bets start from $5.00. The maximum bets against the software are often between $100 and $500. Playing Punto Banco in the live casino means that the stakes can get a little higher.

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Punto Banco Explanation

Punto Banco is a simple game that can be learned quickly. Because the rules of the game can sometimes differ slightly per casino, we would like to advise you to first study the applicable rules before starting the game.

This way you avoid unpleasant surprises while playing and unnecessary loss of money. In general, Punto Banco is played as follows, with the main goal being to get as close to 9 as possible:

The game is played with 6 to 8 decks of playing cards, so with a total of 6 x 52 = 312 playing cards. Cards with numbers have the same values ​​as written on them, except for the card with number 10. An Ace is worth 1 point and all pictures and the ten are 0 points.

How do you play Punto Banco?

  • You choose a bet that you place on Banco (bank or dealer), Punto (player) or Tie.
  • When you have bet, Punto and Banco both receive two playing cards.
  • Now you add the points to see who can come closest to 9, because this one wins. Only the last number counts. So if you have a 7 and an 8, which together has a value of 15, then you have 5 points (tens will be canceled). If you play two records, you end up with 0 points.
  • It is possible that the Banco or Punto has obtained 8 or 9 points with these 2 cards: a so-called “natural”. No more cards are then dealt.
  • When will more cards be dealt?
    Before we answer this question, it is important that you realize that there is a dealer who shares and knows all the rules exactly. The importance for you to know all the rules exactly is not very great because the course of the game cannot be influenced by either you or the dealer.Punto actions:
    * Punto has 0 – 5 points and in this case receives a third card, except when Banco has 8 or 9 points.
    * Punto has 6 or 7 points and does not receive any more cards. Banco gets another card if it has 5 or less points.
    * Punto has 8 or 9 points and in this case does not receive any more cards. Banco will also no longer receive a card in this situation.Banco actions:
    * Banco has 0, 1, 2 points and in this case gets a third card except when Banco has 8 or 9 points.
    * Banco has 3 points and in this case receives a third card unless the third Punto card was an 8 or Punto has 8 or 9 points.
    * Banco has 4 points and receives a third card when Punto has had a third card and the value of this card was 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.
    * Banco has 5 points and receives a third card when Punto has had a third card and the value of this card was 4, 5, 6, or 7.
    * Banco has 6 points and always passes when Punto has passed. Banco does take a card when Punto has had a third card and the value of this card was 6 or 7.
    * Banco has 7 points and always passes
    * Banco has 8 or 9. Both Punto and Banco no longer receive a card.